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Ad VanO

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  1. June 30th in Britney's life :)

  2. Who's excited for the World Cup?

    Not as excited as previous years, but yes!! I love football!! And tomorrow is Mexico's first match!!
  3. Awesome!! I want to fly on that plane!!!
  4. Hold On Tight and Don't Cry Appreciation!

    Don't Cry is my favourite song from Britney Jean
  5. OH MY GOD,My whole life is a lie!

    I used to drink Pepsi because of Britney and her Pepsi ads were amazing Britney's Pepsi songs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> basic pop singers careers
  6. Things You Didn't know Baby One More Time

    I love E-mail my Heart but Crazy is awesome! I would prefered to be released instead of From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart tho...
  7. What's your favorite song from In The Zone?

    Everytime Breathe On Me Showdown Touch Of My Hand
  8. And Then We Kiss (Original) HQ D/L?

    Me (well the one leaked (fanmade?) in 2011, but it is 320). How do I send it to you? I can't through PM
  9. F*cked my way up to the top

    Really about Lorde?? I don't like Lorde at all but that sounds interesting....
  10. I'm such a flop! I didn't knew Overprotected was recorded for OOPS ! :ohokay: and that Toyota ad is amazing!
  11. How many unreleased videos does Britney have?

    I just knew the rumour about the video for When I Found You .... but I would love to see the When Your Eyes Say It video! I love OOPS album so much!
  12. How do we get this place more members?

    Really? Were those recently or before the exhale diaspora? Cause I think I didn't even saw them, and maybe we could try those again.. ?
  13. Your favorite song from "Circus"!

    Shattered Glass Unusual You Out From Under
  14. How do we get this place more members?

    Great idea, the "Throwbacks" and "Did you know" would definetely increase the site's activity and make it more relevant