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  1. REQ - list of all credited people who helped with Glory bg vocals/adlibs

    According to the album booklet: Jermaine Jackson (Do You Wanna Come Over?) Joe Janiak (Make Me...) Carla Marie Williams (Private Show, What You Need) Isley Juber, Stirling Fox, Phoebe Ryan, Jason Evigan & Marcus Lomax (Man On The Moon) Julia Michaels (Do You Wanna Come Over?, Just Luv Me, Slumber Party & Change Your Mind) Benjamin Rice (Clumsy - "crowd" vocals by Britney, Talay Riley, Warren "Oak" Felder, Zaire Koalo, Trevor Brown, Mischke) Jessica Ashley (Love Me Down) Blu June, Linda Pitchard, Oscar Gorres, Brittany Coney, Ian Kirkpatrick & Ed Druett (Hard To Forget Ya) Tramaine "Young Fyre" Winfrey (What You Need) Ina Forsberg (Change Your Mind) Livvi Franc, Victoria Evigan, Kathleen Janzen Vanessa Evigan & Bryan Isaac (Liar) I don't have the Japanese version, but I'm pretty sure Melanie Fontana (one of the writers) is credited as backing vocalist. She submitted the demo to Britney, and I think she does some of the adlibs. Julia Michaels is credited as a backing vocalist on the tracks Britney isn't listed as a cowriter, so I imagine Julia recorded demos for these tracks and submitted them to Britney. The men credited as vocalists most likely used their vocals for effects, with Jermaine's vocals being used for the chorus of Do You Wanna Come Over?
  2. Man On The Moon + Change Your Mind (Acoustic)

    They're probably backing vocals not done by Britney. CCMC only ever use Britney's vocal takes unless specified.
  3. You can download the full things here at https://www.hive.co/downloads/download/496416/spotlight/ but you have to enter Facebook info. If someone could upload the original files via mega that would be great (as well as the Gwen track xoxo)
  4. Britmas

    It was found on a publishing site in September, which is where the clip came from. It was found by some Spice Girls fans who found three Mel C demos on the same site - which also leaked yesterday, so it must've came from them!
  5. Apple Music festival

    I think we'll get - 1. Work Bitch 2. Womanizer 3. ...Baby / Oops! 4. Boys / Scream & Shout 5. Do You Wanna Come Over? 6. I'm A Slave 4 U 7. Breathe On Me 8. Touch Of My Hand 9. Toxic 10. Stronger / Crazy 11. Make Me...
  6. Apple Music festival

    It won't be exactly the same, it'll be longer. Apple Music Festival is like a full concert, I'm expecting an hour minimum.
  7. OK People What Is Your Glory Top Ten List?

    1. Better 2. Make Me... 3. Slumber Party 4. Just Luv Me 5. Man On The Moon 6. Just Like Me 7. Invitation 8. Love Me Down 9. Private Show 10. Liar

    Um, both tracks were released officially. Trouble was an iTunes pre-order bonus, and Quicksand was released on European iTunes.
  9. Yes, UK sales are pretty dire at the moment.
  10. I Wanna Go from Britney's Soundcloud

    This is a fanmade remix, it was rumoured to the single mix when the single was announced. The breakdown comes from either a Johnny Labs / Nick* / Country Club Martini Crew remix.
  11. Next Promo Single??

    Do You Wanna Come Over? has been updated on Amazon's tracklisting, so I guess it is coming this week.
  12. Screen shot from MMO video

    Where is this from??