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  1. did it leak

    Idk if they leaked lol 1-02 Hard 2 Love.mp3 1-05 Hell Yeah Baby.mp3
  2. Is this true or fake information about her one live performance?

    She didn't finish even Boys. It was fixed before the endind
  3. Whatsapp *with Britney Universe PNG emotes* edition coming soon...

    You can get banned from Whatsapp
  4. where did you read about this song being bring me home?
  5. Britmas

  6. She did record Tear The Club Up according to the producers. The others idk, but if I'm not mistaken, she didn't record Sorry Adam, according to the songwriter
  7. Did you know Brit has a mixtape? :orangu:

    Idk, I'm listening them on my PC
  8. Did you know Brit has a mixtape? :orangu:

    It a lot of mashu ups and stuff lol Fanmade
  9. The most embarrassing parts on lyrics

    She finds herself in a clumsy relationship: her lover might have hurt/caused pain to her, but she still wants to make love with him
  10. The most embarrassing parts on lyrics

  11. I don't have to proof anything to you lol