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  1. i love that nobody knows christina hahahahaha
  2. Planet Hollywood is a liar (POM DVD related)

    wtf, i was waiting for pom to be over for that dvd!
  3. what about non us residents?
  4. really really interesting photoshoot halloweeney
  5. perfect illusion is shit, so nothing to worry about
  6. OMFG This bitch rips-off Make Me video!

  7. the reaction videos are like everything

    omg i was just watching those videos last night hahah they were really interesting
  8. oh my god, that fan base is so fucked up ahahahahah
  9. Just Love Me versus Clumsy

    Just love me for sure
  10. main page A message to the fans…..

    For sure, britney is happy and thats all that matters. BUT we can t ignore this, i mean if they were gonna reshoot the video because she didnt like the first one iS OK, but at least she would have delivery a video that isnt pointless, I mean even the official perfume video is better than this! I didnt have a meltdown with gimme more but this video is just not okay. At least she have a good LP to look forward to and for what we've heard it sounds really good
  11. ikr ! also pitbull's album was delayed to september (i read an article from june i think) so yeah, maybe we can say that the album its definitely dropping next month
  12. well it also says that Usher's new album drops today but i did a little research and that album isnt out so.. i hope B9 comes out next month !! but i guess we'll have to wait and see