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  1. Pretty Girls Vs Slave4U

  2. Oh Britney :|

    Dancing for hours is a lot different than standing in the sand feet planted still to throw a ball back and forth prob her first day taking it off warming it up and the media is trying to warp it. She was just caught throwing a ball -.- wtf
  3. Which Britney Shows Have You Attended?

  4. I Think I Know Why They Allowed For The Song To Be So Short

    No they made it that small so we can repeat it and give dem those viewzzzz
  5. A Perfect Example Of What Her Team Should Do

    These vocals are out since 2009 or something though
  6. Work bitch was flawless. Flop radio station
  7. We're not voting yet, we're just nominating! And btw I nominate you Should I post our kik conversations?
  8. Justney reunion in 2007 VMA's??? RECEIPTS PLS!!!

    omg,what? why did she refuse to come out,though? yeah,she was waiting for a new wig,but she already had one on,it's not like she was bald.
  9. I found it in celebritycloseups and I don't know where is it from. Help?