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  1. 7 tbh. The things she does is not really my type lately, but i still respect her and she is stil my idol. it's all because of the good memories i have
  2. Threat To Iggy Azalea

    aw, wish there were alot more.. she looked flawless! Thanks for sharing bby
  3. Threat To Iggy Azalea

    idk, i forgive her anyway.. haha BTW tell me when u find out what shoot it was from
  4. Threat To Iggy Azalea

    idk, found it on google hahaha btw, about the iggy thing.. we cant trust anything ppl claim to be true...
  5. Threat To Iggy Azalea

    i feel so sorry for her... thats truly unfair to destroy an indivduals life because of someones success.
  6. What's Your Funniest Britney Related Childhood Story?

    HAHA, so cute And no, its ok if you write bad... none really cares about grammar here
  7. I'm Crying And Freaking Out

    Make one
  8. I'm Crying And Freaking Out

    OMG! ur cover of that song is flawlesss! got the whole cover?
  9. So Many People Hate Britney :(

    don't pay attention to them, they have no idea of what they are talkiing about.. pressed behive bitches will always be pressed over the fact britney is very succesfull and still selling out shows after 15 years of career as a superstar
  10. Jlo Makes Vegas Deal

    LOOOL. no. The I HATE the circus tour.. there is not much chero at all! there is faaaar mroe chero in POM i must say... the only good things in circus were her body, her atttuide ( sometimes) and the costumes...
  11. Jlo Makes Vegas Deal

    WTF is wrong with y'all.... I can't at y'all bitches saying POM is not slaying, if you thin so then ur a flop tbh I findd POM and her dancing really good, i dont get it.. y'all a bunch of flops tbh
  12. Iggy Or Snoop?

    iggy btw, any human being with average intelligence won't call themselves ''snoop dogg'' tbh...
  13. What happened ? did katy and keesha had a cat fight or something?
  14. So I Met Britney

    ain't no body got time for that, i am too busy staring at your avi
  15. Pop On And On Posts About Britney

    Awww, such a lovely pictue Both Britney and the fans were flawless in Poland