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  1. Fav song Unusual you Went to the tour both Boston stops
  2. Britney was gorgeous! I hope you guys like our pic! I love it! Getting the digital copy is extremely slow though, anyone know when I'll get it?
  3. Srry Ppl, Hear's A Real Colaction

    I see singles collection box set singles in there. I have an overall bigger collection and I have the singles collection box set.
  4. Is there an IT girl ATM in 2014?

    Ariana, iggy or Beyonce
  5. Best Performance of Britney: Piece Of Me

    stronger, wb, everytime, oops, blackout medly
  6. best/worst music videos from britney?

    best: lucky, wb, circus worst: break the ice
  7. instead of bitching that vegas is for has-beens

    she actually set a trend and brought a much younger audience to vegas
  8. Retweet this to get VMA attention!

    Tweet y'all!
  9. Retweet this to get VMA attention!

    And it's official! I think britney follows them
  10. Retweet this to get VMA attention!

    That is not a fan made vma account
  11. Retweet this to get VMA attention!

    my gosh y'all are lazy
  12. https://twitter.com/TheVMAwards/status/477036375917989888 Rwtweet and favorite what MTV said and other tweets regarding nominating her!
  13. Golden Girls.

    My fav show of all time!!!!