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  1. yassss i really hope so, cause i can't fucking wait anymore!
  2. Do You Think Madonna Injured Herself After Her Fall?

    till i know the album is "flop" i dont think so tbh, i just hope the tour will be iconic as much as the MDNA or The Confessions Tour...
  3. My Small Britney Collection ;)

    this is beautiful as much as Britney wow love it!
  4. main page Britney Spears Tweets To Katy Perry!

    Britney at the SP slays!!!
  5. i love her so muchhhh woooow
  6. Nicki Minaj -- The Pinkprint.

    em, ive been kind of excited to download her albums, i did with "Pink Friday" (whatever is named), well i listened the album and its pretty boring and then i was kind of excited for the next(The Prinkprint) , cause i thought that it would be better and i just have to say that its really boring as much as Gaga right now! so the point is that i just love ANANCONDA :smile2:
  7. Nicki Minaj -- The Pinkprint.

    so much hate
  8. omgggg flawless flawless
  9. Will Britney Wish Xtina A Happy Birthday?

    nahhhh naaaahhh nahhhh nahhhhh i really hope not Britney has better stuffs to do, Xtina's always been kind of rude and fake to Britney, so.. why should she do that? Xtina didn't on Britney's b'day tho
  10. My Own Britney Album (Fan Made)

    lmao i saw it, anyway its so flawless, trust me
  11. My Own Britney Album (Fan Made)

    i love this so much, but what happened with Gimme More tho? can't wait for the next
  12. Circus Cover

    ohhh this is so cool yas.
  13. Miley's The Most Creepiest Pic Of 2014

    what da fucking fuck is she thinking about?? ughh this basic whore just want to be popular again , dammit she is so dissapointing af Gaga is desperate as well, but wow this gurl is the queen of that
  14. Will Madonna's New Single Flop?

    it would be cool to see the queen on the top again, but i think it won't happen , ive just heard her songs that were leaked, and i couldn't hear a hit, good songs tho
  15. OMFG ive reading that on facebook, on twitter, on tumblr idk if that is for real, if so, i dont want an EP i want an album with more than 12 song more or less, however i think its just a rumor, lets wait to see what would Britney says about it.