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  1. Happy Birthday GodneyLush!

  2. Is this one of the hottest gay couples ever?

    omg i love Mark and Ethan! i watch every video Mark puts on.
  3. The Sims

    Omg those are AMAZING!
  4. The Sims

  5. Post your tumblrs here

    Mine is dylansdirtysecret.tumblr.com I just got on it the other day for the first time in like a year. It still needs a bit of updating
  6. Besides Britney...

    Get it gurl!
  7. Besides Britney...

    Aweeee I love PRISM!
  8. Besides Britney...

    Awee thank you! :)You have flawless taste, tbh!
  9. Can this be an emoticon???

    yassssssssss! we need it!
  10. Can this be an emoticon???

    yassssssssss! we need it!
  11. Can this be an emoticon???

    i love that!
  12. Besides Britney...

    what other music do you all listen to? personally my other top faves are: Lana Del Rey Deftones Marina and The Diamonds Charli XCX Lady Gaga (as of recent.) I listen to so many other different types of music and it is really cool to see what other people are into as well.