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Connor Walsh

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  1. This one really makes me think of this:
  2. Britneys Voice On Giorgio Song Is Barley Edited

    Well we've heard this so many time by the past ... I have to hear it to believe it
  3. Actually i think this outfit suits her morphology better !
  4. Her makeup was fucking on top yesterday I LOVE IT ! She looked definitely younger last night
  5. I Got Some Bad News For You...

    Thanks you for your informations ! You should be mainpaged
  6. This picture kinda reminds me of her Rolling Stone photoshoot ... don't ask me why
  7. Seriously Tho, How Hot Does 2015Ney Looks

    OMG HER BODY IS FLAWLESS !!! When was this ?
  8. main page New Britney Spears Smurf Picture

    She looks older in this picture actually. I love her jacket though
  9. Flawless make up, flawless hair, flawless dress, flawless attitude. Call 911 i'm dying !
  10. (New) Mp3 Telephone Solo Snippet

    This is the same version that leaked this week but with her vocals filtered. This is not the solo version !
  11. Am I A Flop Or Sth :gloria:

    Thanks ! I love your avatar : this picture is so underated !
  12. Do You Really Want Collaborations In Next Album?

    Just two: one with Gwen, the other with Charli Xcx
  13. I get your point No need to apologize
  14. I know but still, like they had to choose this one ! And calm down, no need to write in bold big letters ! Jesus eat some ice man