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  1. Billboard Changed The Rules Again!

    then I guess he sales well suffer doesn't matter if you like it or not teens is a major part of her fanabase and if she doesn't have it she is a flop Again it comes down to britney own fault for not teaching to her fans or giving anyone a reason why care about her?
  2. Billboard Changed The Rules Again!

    it reflects how weak her fanbase is and this britney own fault for not promoting herself
  3. Omg I'm So Slayed! I Hope And Wish It's True!

    I don't like bj either it's Britney worst album IMO She needs to work with some new producers IMO to give her a new sound
  4. Rodney jerkins yes but no more dis IMO we had enough of edm with Britney jean and femme fatale. She needs to work with max Martin and dr like again and some calvin Harris and a new team of producers.
  5. Omg I'm So Slayed! I Hope And Wish It's True!

    Lmao at ppl saying this is generic and lol at bj
  6. S C R E A M I N G

    Lmao omg
  7. Why Is Femme Fatale So Good?

    Femme fatale wasn't that great it was very underwhelming for Britney standards IMO
  8. The only thing xtina ever best Britney at was singing but everything else performing and dancing Britney was far better I hate how ppl think just because you have a good voice ppl automatically think your Moore talented than this artist no matter what
  9. Someone Told Britney Manager This....just Now...

    I think it's real I hate will I am he deserves the hate
  10. @igotyoucrazy

    It's been a while but I'm here now
  11. What Do You Study?

    I'm a med student I am finishing my general education then transferring to major in pediatric nursing
  12. main page Britney Writes Back To Fan

    I am so happy I Stan for someone like Britney tbh she really is a wonderful person