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Queen Soraya

B Army
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  1. Happy Birthday Queen Soraya!

  2. Favorite Gimme More performance ?

    Or maybe I'm just sayin' that she's yet to give Gimme More justice with a good performance that has quality all around it...
  3. Favorite Gimme More performance ?

    Neither to be honest... VMA's: The performance was just....you know... FF: The visuals were cool but the remix sucked. She just stood there the whole time and walked around. POM: The remix is cool and outfits are alright, but the choreography is stupid as fuck...
  4. So everyone here is 14 or +25 (?) what about around 20 (?)

    I'm 26...eeek...
  5. OMG exhale Its having the biggest meltdown ever

    I'm sure the forum will be fine...although it's not really for me anymore...