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  1. New Instagram Post (December 2nd) #HappyBirthdayBritneySpears

    Do you understeand it? This si beautiful!! Look at the video and the description, she has everything, all the money in the world, but she si giving herself the gift that she wanted, a moment, nothing material, not the best party event, nothing superficial, she goes deep. That is why i love this woman, she is a Human, she is real.
  2. Omg BOMT vocals bb ! In our face !!!
  3. the magic of blackout

    Your soul need to be purificated
  4. New era (2017) is named....

    "Britney ever after"
  5. Its like when she break up with Charlie or the other farm boy , when she took about her shoes, i think she is single again and i am glad if this is true, u dont know why
  6. January 5th Birthdays!!!

    Oooh i never saw it ! Thank u so much !!!
  7. What are the secrets of Britney?

    Its her life , she dosent have to explaind everything to everyone ... beside most of the "secrets" are very old now, i just dont care what happened 10 years ago, she looks happy now, and have a life beside her fame... one of the only famous now a day that have a true life beside their fame and dont live in a constant circus , just let the girl have her own space, she deserve it
  8. No Seas Cortez

    One of my favorites by far!! "Yo sé que estás intentando ser educado, yo sé que me quieres tratar bien, pero no seas cortez" everyone that i showed the song loved it at the first listen, just like do you wanna come over
  9. Britney snubbed from Xmas Carpool Kareoke

    Come one boy , if i have to say that she hasnt the killer choreos like before , or dont sing anything live in her shows i recognize it, but saing that britneys Carpool was worst than Biebers and careys one is another thing ... come on boy , she was desent i we didnt Heard her voice since 2011 or maybe before , lest every one be happy about the facts and dont be an asshole
  10. Britney snubbed from Xmas Carpool Kareoke

    Bb, James wasnt singing , he was screaming... if you dont know the difference why are you comenting about this ?
  11. Britney snubbed from Xmas Carpool Kareoke

    WTF? She sounds good bitch ! Even better than mosto of people here think she was able to do... Whats wrong with you and why are si despreasful.. beyonce sucks and she buy all Hers adwars
  12. I love these pictures from 2004

    She loooks amazing and full of live!
  13. Wtf ?

    Maluma did a song with Ricky Martín a month ago, Thalía and much more, he is the new thing in latín América, is the young and Fresh air and every old artist is colaborating with him... just serch on Google and you Will know, beside he is hot as fuck