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    In a land far, far away beyond the moon, beyond the rain.
  1. Do you feel sorry for Robin Thicke?

    It was bound to happen after that song and how he came off - not surprised he cheated.
  2. main page Perfume Lead Vocals Stems Leaked!!

    Why this song is hated and terribly shamed among the fandom is beyond me. This is the Britney I love where she can sing a song with some emotion behind it. I love it.
  3. main page Pom Costumes Change

    I really hope the last outfit is changed. Britney would look better in pants and a top than the horrid leotard.
  4. Recommend a movie!

    It depends on what you're in the mood for - let me know and I'll send you some recommendations.
  5. Favorite 80's movies?

    We need another movie topic - "and an entertainment section" What are your favorite 80's movies? Mine are. The Breakfast Club Steel Magnolias The Wizard The Goonies For Keeps St. Elmo's Fire Terms of Endearment Weird Science

    What an epic hack.
  7. Post Your Instagram.

    Followed you beautiful people.
  8. Where are ya'll from?

    From Texas.
  9. What's Ur Fave Porn Categories?

    I have way to many. I love orgies, threesomes, gangbangs, a lot of kinky stuff with groups. Muscle men, hairy chest, straight porn pretty much. Most foreign European guys are hot.
  10. Who uses grindr

    Why not just meet new people out and about? Better than a flop app that you never know the real person. If you do, be safe, some guys got killed by homophobes pretending to be gay guys and lured him and killed him.
  11. Flawless drag. I approve.
  12. Discussion: Rimming.

    What's with the off-topic going on here?