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  1. Similarities between you and Brit?

    We both sing live all the time.
  2. June 16th in Britney's life (busy day!)

    2007 and 2011.
  3. Best Britney book

    That's ok sis. Thank you very much Next month I will try to buy it.
  4. Best Britney book

    Does it have in Portuguese language? I know to read English but with time it gets annoying to me.
  5. Scream and Shout In My Ass
  6. I got a secret, a dirty little secret....

    I want this song so bad. More than Vertigo, still don't know why people is so thirsty for Vertigo
  7. I want Human Nature to leak

    Human Nature sounds very sexy.
  8. Jesus Christ and Britney Spears are the same person

    Does he have at least an 1# album topping? Flop bitch is flop Even Adam is more iconic, at least he looked masculine
  9. I wanna be free

  10. Would you guys be up for

    Dat new Cheryl song sucked.
  11. Me using autotune (ISBE cover)

    Sexy voice sis
  12. Remember The Slayage?

    I remember when we all thought Britney would go hip hop ratchet Gurl such good times. I first heard Work Bitch in a opening DJ at Beyonce's show here in Brazil. I was shaking and crying and being blessed by the Holy Spearit in the crowd.
  13. The only & one elusiving personal and legendary TOP FIVE SMASH Britney Jean
  14. Your favorite song from "Circus"!

    If U Seek God. Preach sis