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  1. Are y'all bottoms?

    Power bottom
  2. What's your phobia(s)?

  3. Henry Cavill Justin Beieber Tom Welling
  4. Who was your first love?

    My straight ex-best friend it never worked out. He was so hot too
  5. What's the scariest thing that has happened to you?

    Once when I was like 14 this guy knocked on my door. He asked if we needed any help around our house & that he worked for our neighbors. So I closed the door & got my Dad. My Dad told him no & blah blah. A week later he murdered two women down the street & burned their house down.
  6. the header

  7. TIME Magazine: Welcome Back, Britney

    Slayney Spears
  8. the header

    How do I choose?
  9. the header

    What do you mean bb?
  10. the header

    Props to the creator!!
  11. the header

    is flawless! Exhale could neva
  12. Why the blonde wig?

    i only like wigney when its not blonde tbh