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  1. ROFL AT THAT VIDEO That had me in tears not even gonna lie hahahaha
  2. "Which means that like many of us, Britney would like to forget about the Britney Jean era" ROFL
  3. Coldplay? I'm glad it's not another shit pop act that's not called Britney Spears tbfh
  4. I Am Ready, Are You?

    The only thing I'm ready for are Britney's killer hairflips during Toxic when she performs it at the Superbowl
  5. Jimmy Kimmel Bashed Britney On Her Birthday

    Poor him pushing himself down to the worst comedian on American Television position He's so horrid, he deserves a razzie for this crap, this is seriously bad content
  6. Bare Single Releases

    It's amazing! I'm gonna listen to it all day tomorrow Britney needs to seriously listen to it and draw inspiration from it
  7. And beats him A fan from Spain created an AMAZING album full of unreleased songs and stuff remixed by himself What a masterpiece, my new fave indie album
  8. What? Of course not The GMA thing was practically confirmed by almost every outlet, there was every reason to get upset for Britney almost puking on a helicopter, looking like she wanted to kill a deer and then only waving a bit at extremely co-ordinated fans who were there from 3am and had practiced a lot for it... This is just some fans speculating while really nothing has been confirmed by anyone. It might as well be freaking Ellie Goulding
  9. 소녀시대: Girls' Generation

    Glad to be back I'll keep my opinion to myself until I see the full thing...
  10. 소녀시대: Girls' Generation

    Mostly a k-pop forum ngl! Sometimes I visit exhale, but I've decided to swap exhale with universe from now on, as you guys make much more sense as a fansite
  11. Because it's never been her image and she never practised her vocals after debut through her songs
  12. Becoming a certified legend later and she's STILL down to earth and humble
  13. 소녀시대: Girls' Generation

    This been so dead damn Here to revive it yet again with my Necki Menji parody: