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  1. Find it here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/minaya5/works/15117939-britney-quote?ref=recent-owner !!! Also includes: a t-shirt, ipad skin, laptop skin, poster, mug, travel mug, tote bag, drawstring bag, sticker, greeting card, and pillow!! LOL Hope y'all like it
  2. Does Anyone Miss This Style?

    Her face looks amazing in the interlude! It looks both innocent and sultry at the same time, I can't even explain it
  3. The Cycle (Original Song)

    Thank you!!
  4. main page Charl-We Take A Picture?

    I sent this to my friends, with the caption "Can we take a moment to appreciate this?" They did
  5. The Cycle (Original Song)

    Hi I am a huge fan of Britney and she really inspires me to create music, so I made this! Hope you enjoy!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlbvzqYN5Ws
  6. This Is David's Work Website

    Hahah I can't with the injury firm specifically being called "P.A.I.N"
  7. Gothic Breakdown - Appreciation Thread! [Masterpost]

    Omg her bodyyyyyyy omg omg omgom gomgoo mogmogmgomomo omg
  8. You can tell she's really feelin herself lately, go girl
  9. Why Is 3 So Forgotten? :(

    thank youuu
  10. Why Is 3 So Forgotten? :(

    Last night, I went to a minor league baseball game and they played 3 during some interval (sorry idk baseball terms ) I was like wow this song doesn't suit this crowd but you know i was jamming out
  11. snooki bashes britney

    Yeah because she has SO much talent
  12. do you like the stronger performance?

    I think it's so cute and with energy, she's the cutest thing