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  1. A while back the rehearsal footage for the stronger breakdown leaked online but i can't find it anywhere now. Does anyone know where i can find it?
  2. she tweeted her twice, thats why she said "oops i did it again" in the second tweet
  3. Eid Mubarak-Merry Eid

    Happy eid to you all!
  4. Flawless Fft Photo Is Flawless

    i loved the FFT. i didn't get the hate for it. It was my first Britney concert and it was amazing seeing it in person.
  5. Ap? New Picture In Hq!

    Her face looks like it was pasted on lol
  6. She Should Wear This Now That Her Body's Bangin

    I hope one day Britney will perform work bitch in pants. The choreography would look so much better when she wears the pants.
  7. Jayden Broke His Arm

    I bet if the media knew that Jayden was with Britney, this would be all over the tabloids and what not calling her a bad mom. But since he was with Kevin, noting happens.
  8. New Britney Pic?

    Never mind it was already posted. Sorry
  9. New Britney Pic?

    I was looking through #britneyspears on Instagram and saw this pic. I've never seen it and I think it looks new. I'm on my phone so I can post the pic but search up luciavillars
  10. main page July 22nd- Britney Leaving Starbucks

    I agree. Britney needs to perform work bitch in pants just like in the video. Look how great the dancing looked when she wore the pants!
  11. The new instagram video is proof that:

    i hope that this the start of her uploading more videos and pictures like this
  12. She has a Facebook page and I was looking through her friends list and one of them did a meet and greet at the femme fatal tour, I asked that person and confirmed it's really her
  13. I've been speaking with "Alice" since 2007, it's definitely Britney.