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  1. This Is Actually What I Love Britney For...

    She only feel comfortable with kids. Thats why she got kids while judging XFactor.
  2. Her Body Is Really Amazing Tbh

    I love her hair. Looking so healthy without extensions.
  3. You have murdered my English........
  4. Britney Spears doesn't get her own fast food

    Really? She got her food by herself.
  5. Finally extensions free?

    What do you guys think? Because I can't see any clump... Or is it just me?
  6. TEST: Which Britney Album Are You?

    FF. LOL!
  7. OH MY GOD,My whole life is a lie!

    I love both!
  8. Gay videos are in,you know!

    You know, the best part of 2007 (meltdown era) is the random thoughts spoken by her.

    From my opinion, she's the one who Cindy's boyfriend cheated with. You know, basically.
  10. One thing I noticed about this Britney section

    I love Universe!!!!
  11. main page New LQ Photoshoot From 2013

    It's like from a magazine photoshoot...