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  1. [RUMOUR] "Change Your Mind" music video in Prague!

  2. Is Sia the right person for all "Passenger" mystery answers?

    As if she's going to say "Oh yeah, that totally wasn't Britney singing".
  3. Look In the Mirror...

    I wish threads like this would stay on exhale.
  4. It hurts my heart to say this but...

    Relax. 9 years ago people thought her career was over when she released a scrapped video and had a bad vma performance. Things will be fine.
  5. Ok I see they're different mixes. I love them! Especially the 2nd.
  6. Is it the same mix from here? http://britneyuniverse.com/topic/23225-zayn-ft-britney-milf-mix/#entry427808
  7. Zayn Ft. Britney Milf Mix

    I'm not a fan of mashups bit this came out great!
  8. Fuck she sounds amazing.
  9. Britney Killing The Work Bitch Floor Choreography

    Call me a flop for asking this, but hasn't she always been doing that part? If not, what moves did she do?
  10. Breathe On Me Video On Britney's Official Channel!

    The remix is so good!
  11. Omg The Girl In The Mirror

    Did you come from exhale?
  12. Sms (Bangerz) Demo Leaked!

    This sounds like a lq recording of the cover Rebecca Rudolf posted.
  13. Is This Leaked Before Or Is It New?

    I forgot this song existed. I think it leaked 2 years ago. I don't remember what album it was recorded for.