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  1. Why was he fired tho? Did u pay him for his duties? Why did he have ur log in details? Why can't u just delete his account?
  2. Hey Guys! It's Out!

    Mediocre cover art, u honestly gonna use that shitty cover? I'm embarrassed for u tbh
  3. main page Britney Spears On Mean Tweets Part 2!

    HahahahaLmao I would have loved it if they would just let her read BSN on Exhale, now that would have been really interesting
  4. Amazing Reggae/dubstep Remix Of Hiam

    Hey can u plz link me to a DL to this song plz
  5. Dont these rodents also eat their newborn babies?
  6. Saddest death in music history....?

    I cry everytime I see Queen documentary
  7. What? I use protection, and I don't swallow
  8. :cringing: I have a feeling thats what Britards in 1999 were having sex to... lol
  9. Yes, I totes forgot about 911.... You havent had Sex with your bf? are you a boy or girl? I seriously got wet reading your picks, those are perfect and in Sexual order too I need to combine your picks and NakedFreakshow's picks.... perfect, I have a feeling my Fuck Buddy will go Crazy Sexual with my Britney Sex Playlist.... Especially when I play Slave!! I'm gonna Wisper in his Ear, "I'mmmm aaaa Slave, 4 your peen"
  10. I'm conflicted, can someone list the best order for the most sexual Britney Songs so I can make a Britney Sex Playlist. I love being penetrated while Britney Playing out loud to drown out my moans!!
  11. How horny are people here?

    I'm really horny http://britney-galaxy.com/universe/index.php?/topic/2203-i-just-woke-up-from-my-nap-and-i-dream-that-lucado-was-fuxxing-me-in-front-of-britney/
  12. I know right, she was adorable in Brits hands while I was getting pounded.... she didnt even bark or yelp.... she knew not to ruin teh moment
  13. I'm banned in Exhale :((