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  1. Happy Birthday itsrobertbitch!

  2. if she wasn't a Britney fan already she is now, hearing all her songs three times a week lol
  3. Want to be nostalgic for the 90's? Click here.

    I have it too but it's packed away. I need to get The Time Out With Britney on DVD.
  4. yeah I remember her from when I went. She kept getting after this girl next to me for putting her drink on the railing. She don't play lol
  5. I'm such a 90's baby. I grew up watching Disney Channel and Britney of course. I wish I could get in a time machine and go back.
  6. Post Your Pictures Thread

    I bet.
  7. Post Your Pictures Thread

    That outfit is my all time favorite. I would give anything to see it up close. Your so lucky!
  8. How amazing would it be if...

  9. Post Your Pictures Thread

    Where are those outfits displayed?
  10. How amazing would it be if...

    I like to joke around too. I almost didn't see the last sentence lol
  11. How amazing would it be if...

  12. How amazing would it be if...

    I was going to say lol
  13. Your Dream Collab?

    Gaga and Iggy! or....