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  1. Gimme More Full Vma Rehearsal

    A dress rehearsal means you are doing everything just like the real performance to see if everything is working fine. That includes costumes, makeup, hair, lighting, etc. That video we have is a rehearsal, not the dress rehearsal. None of the dancers including Britney are in costume.
  2. Why Are Britney's Magazine Covers So D-List Now?

    no one reads magazines anymore. it's the age of the internet...
  3. Hold It Against Me On Fft > Work Bitch On Pom

    HIAM is a way better song than Work Bitch. Work Bitch has the same beat the whole way through. So repetitive. HIAM has a climactic build up and it explodes at the end. I wish they did HIAM in vegas
  4. I Wish They Didn't Photoshop Her So Much

    The video is edited too though lol
  5. Britney is Not Old!!

    i agree! she also has the advantage of having kids young.