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  1. OMG!!!! To me that song has like an urban sound, I hope the entire album to be that way. This day was incredible I can't wait for the dance sequence, I'm really excited
  2. Britney Has A New Choreographer !

    OMG!!!! Those choreographies look really amazing!!!! Britney really really needs a female choreographer!!!
  3. The only thing that matters is that She looks happy with Charlie, and She looks beautiful and healthy
  4. The impact and power of Godney It's Britney, bitch
  5. The best christmas song When will Mariah? When will your faves?
  6. Just one question: Why do they use the ff phoshoot?? I mean, at least they could have used the BJ photoshoot
  7. This Is Awesome Guys!

    Congratulations guys!! This site is growing more everytime and that is because of your effort and dedication!!!!
  8. They look so cute together
  9. Where are these iconic performances? list
  10. main page November 19Th-Britney Out Getting Starbucks

    She looks hot, sexy and healthy I'm so happy for her
  11. Happy birthday to this flawless album!!! ITZ brought one of the best eras https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkfNJ7JFkKs
  12. Best Britney Love Songs?

    aww! Thank you very much A long time ago I saw on a forum that a guy posted it and supposedly Britney wrote that poem for the sweet dreams interlude from Circus tour but She cut it at last minute because She considered that Poem too personal, and I don't know why but I believe that this poem was written by her because it says a lot about how britney felt at that time, when the GP harassed her and judged her every day.
  13. Best Britney Love Songs?

    When I found you is such a beautiful song , i think is the cheesiest song that Britney has
  14. Best Britney Love Songs?

    I'll Never Stop Loving You When Your Eyes Say It Dear Diary When I found You