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  1. Brinny predicted decline of the Exhale

    Okay… so… Should we rejoice in someone else’s misfortune? :ohgodno: Laughing at people who are experiencing misfortune isn’t a good thing. When that happens, you’re the asshole and you just made Karma’s “to do†list.
  2. Brinny predicted decline of the Exhale


    sad we just got 47members online at once stupid hackers
  4. But Im just Britney Spears and I got all this power But the bottom line is I dont even use it Right when you become a bitch that's when you lose it So what if I do? What if I lose it all today? I'm exhale kind a boi and I think hacking is childish af. it was fun for the first time, now it's just :predictable: tho he is a little dick for calling Universe gal "big" and making fun of it. just to get along with "cool mean kidz" immature move and his ego is probably hurting. have cake and eat it too bullying ain't fun and Brinny thought us that everything happens for the reason. but just bc he's a bully doesn't mean we have to bully back. sth about being a bigger person and not giving a flying fuck is the best attitude to have.
  5. If you have to choose - which Brinny leg are you

    aaaw that's so sweet of you which one owns psoriasis?
  6. What's your least favorite Britney album & why?

    I prefer whisperney with lil bit of moaning
  7. If you have to choose - which Brinny leg are you

    omg it's 50:50 VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE
  8. Yea, she was artist on stage
  9. in terms of really killing on stage looking fucking mad and feeling the song. She came to life with You ought now. you can tell it was personal moment for her. Brinny is rarely raw these days so I always appreciate when she's just beyond this life. I'm not referring to sexy/sensual/fierce moments on POM - ofc she's all that. but as a musician - she really killed that time and I don't think she did that ever since. I'm sad that Alien is not on the set list anymore but she could've done wonders with that song on stage rather than just walking and waiting to run off the stage for the custom change.
  10. If you have to choose - which Brinny leg are you

    she shaved her #RightLeg first bc Right leg is always on the go. ready to perform
  11. If you have to choose - which Brinny leg are you

    then get your body ready for tmrw's poll

    I think we should just trust our president
  13. If you have to choose - which Brinny leg are you

    what do you mean "mine threads" you just answered that you're Left leg fair same
  14. If you have to choose - which Brinny leg are you

    you seem like a left leg person
  15. and why? are you fierce, stage owning, always in the air - right leg or more private, shy, grounded and soft-spoken left leg?