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  1. Are here Any fans under 17?

    This thread.... I feel so old...
  2. I love Black out but not my favorite album tbh.... Although Freakshow >>>>>>>>>>
  3. Was Britney on the Perfume MV set?

    Show her this pic. Case Closed.
  4. Neyde Thread

    UGH!!! I hate Neyde!
  5. First Britney song you listened to today

    What: Body Ache Where: On my car. Why: Because it slays!!!!
  6. Addressing Circus Fans.

    LOVED the album LOVED the tour.
  7. main page Britney is back to blonde!

    I knew this was gonna happen eventually.... But I LOVE Brunettney
  8. so... BJ is officially dead?

    I think it is...