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  1. So..... Now What?

    Next up is whatever #britneyboys is.
  2. Bbma's Red Carpet

    John Legend AND his wife are both cunts.
  3. Andy Cohen Pretty Girls Reaction Video!

    My god, he's so obnoxious.
  4. Britney Mentions New Video @ Pom Today!

    I looooooooove it!
  5. Do Not Buy Pretty Girls Until 12:01 Am

    The Billboard sales tracking-week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday.
  6. main page New Britney Tweet About Piece Of Me "get Ready For This"

  7. main page Full Version Of Tom's Diner Is Here!

    The more I listen to it, the more I'm fine with Moroder on the bridge... it's almost like he is Tom, the diner owner, tellin' everybody "come in, the fun never ends" and shit.
  8. main page Full Version Of Tom's Diner Is Here!

    I love it. It's totally vibey.
  9. (New) Billboard Praises Pretty Girls

    Yeah, misleading title.
  10. The Song That Deserved So Much More...!

    I LOVE "OOH LA LA." Anyone who complains about it hasn't seen or heard "Feel the Light." That shit campy and boring. Please. Listen to the original lyrics... they raunchy as fuck.
  11. Probably in Vegas... I'm not gonna get my hopes up for a public performance quite yet...
  12. Omfg Pretty Girls Just Leaked!

    I'll never understand why people think it's funny or cute to do this. There will probably be 3 more of these threads before it happens for real. And these threads are created every single time a new single is announced. Tres annoying & unoriginal.
  13. Favorite And Least Fave Britney Album Cover?

    Going against the grain here... My favorite cover is this IAS4U single cover: My least favorite cover is: What she's wearin' there is pretty awful and her pose and her face just look like they're between-takes.
  14. Tinashe Reminded Me Sooo Much Of Britney Here!

    I LOVE the live band and she sounds great... but I am not a fan of the choreography. Anyone can shake their ass and swing their arms.
  15. No one in this picture looks like them though...