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  1. RT @britneyspears: So proud of #TeamUSA!! Hey @guskenworthy, gimme, gimme more on the slopes today!! #ItsGusBitch 👍😉⛷

  2. RT @adwmparrish: Male Ariel and Ursula (by unknown author) https://t.co/n7ZKQCt9YD

  3. RT @codyspearz: There’s no question that JT would not be the star he is today if it weren’t for Britney Spears. His debut single flopped an…

  4. RT @bestsofbritney: Britney Spears, 1995 https://t.co/glnGq0qiE9

  5. I found something in his drawer... a paper straw #AndThatWasTheFinalStraw

  6. @CatfishMTV you are making bank tho

  7. RT @jvnton: @taylorbouma @alexanderdogggy https://t.co/7A4uHN8fVK

  8. https://t.co/NYvfYqlpxu

  9. RT @funder: The word “shithole” is being projected onto Trump’s DC hotel. https://t.co/pq0b7b1BEW

  10. RT @pancakeparadox: hardcore g*mers thinking that because they own every console and play every game that EVERYONE has will never not be hi…

  11. RT @juegofthrones: Qué escena más dolorosa esta por favor. https://t.co/VmDqFQkS1s

  12. RT @LouisStaples: Being gay is exhausting!! You have to have an encyclopedic knowledge of every quote, scene + facial expression from every…

  13. RT @ViczPS: @__gower https://t.co/83OLIt1rO1

  14. RT @LittleMix: Sashaying into the New Year like… 🌚😂💃 LM HQ x https://t.co/5S7MkQIlYN

  15. RT @BrianMcLight: Dick Clark to get another chance at Mariah Carey’s Christmas Special. Don’t try the legend like that. https://t.co/cH12…