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      Try our new awards feature!   12/01/2016

      We just released our Awards feature as replacement of the store plugin we used to have on our old software!      
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      Added Google+ login and Member Away   01/05/2017

      Hey all,   we added Google+ logins for your accounts, people can also register with their Google accounts quick and easy!   Also we added member away function. Click Here to see it

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  1. happy anniversary
  2. main page

    dont hype a third single, when we will never get one
  3. no, i deleted it off of my phone in summer
  4. i'm sorry you waste your time with that shit
  5. thought he would get portrayed by the most talented and prettiest actor they could find homeless shelter
  6. the only way i will look at this, is, when someone kidnaps me and forces me to
  7. i wouldnt dance, but i'd sing
  8. dont support that flop
  9. keep me updating
  10. it needs to be 1.0 tbh