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    This is fire I am so excited now!
  2. This is the worst photoshoot ever!!!

    Well despite your opinion of the photo shoot - it didn't slow down her career from soaring.... This is baby Britney...why not show the love
  3. "Mood Ring" leaked!....

    Can someone PM me please. I have bought like 3 copies of Glory Deluxe, and will buy again.
  4. Make Me Conspiracy Theories

    I CANNOT at the fans wanting her to rush release a THIRD Single...because they do not like the video of the second single. Have you seen some artists other videos...Rihanna, Katy, for fuck sakes Britney fans think they deserve the world just for liking her music. So they complain about a rush job...to ask for another rush job... "It just doesn't make any sense does it?
  5. New Instagram Video Of Jj And Sp

    I swear she loves everybody else's music more than her own!*L*
  6. #bbmas Use Pretty Girls Performance In New Commercial

    One could hope! If she were to perform, I would want it to be something different/risque/revolutionary. We know Britney will never use animals again in a performance, but it would be awesome if she did something revolutionary for this performance - besides, fire, water, acrobatics....
  7. The Negativity

    It is within the fan base mostly. Britney could shut down the hater's with one/two good performances but it has to be on a bigger scale than Jimmy Kimmel.
  8. That moose knuckle/trouser snake combo though!
  9. Great viddy - but with her stepping up the performance game - almost all videos are great videos
  10. Whats Gonna Happen With B9 ? Kind Nervous For It Now

    Britney will have time after vegas to release a series of paintings and artwork she created topless It will be a smasha.
  11. Would You Like To See Britney Extend Vegas For 2 More Years?

    Yes, so I can go back again. But after I go back, she is more then free to switch it up, and take her show on the road - internationally. Keep adding to that show though in the mean time Britters
  12. main page New Britney Spears Instagram Post!

    I thought she would add in "some friends are ugly" "Some friends are not equal" "Some friends are headed in different directions."
  13. main page New Britney Spears Instagram Post!

    Now will this invite folks to ask about her ever changing 'friends"