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  1. Apple Music Festival Set Will Be 1h 25m

    20 minutes till she's on!! !
  2. 35 minutes and counting 4 ET 1PT can't wait so excited!!! Slay B Slay...
  3. Same. So stoked for the UK and European fans that get to see POM... so exciting for them...
  4. Apple Music = Piece of Me

    I gotta get to POM again before it's done in March... Since that's when Backstreet boys are starting... Hopefully going to the Jan 18th showing for my birthday present...
  5. Unreleased Blackout track called "Someone"?

    Man that just video just brought back major flash backs.... of that difficult time in her life.. crazy how it's almost been ten years since all this. I remember waking up every day and checking a certain website just to make sure she was alive...
  6. Way to go Karen! Great read I do feel like this is Britney's most mature album yet... so maybe she'll stay in that direction for the rest of her albums and also give us that playful pop songs that we know and love from her. Once again way to go Karen.
  7. This is so exciting! Vegas meltdown in 3..2..1 just playing, but If she does extended it she def needs to switch things up again.... This is so exciting! I love that her and Ellen have a great relationship!
  8. Clumsy

    This song is litttttt def a Blackout 2.0 coming for our weaves.... hopefully she revamps POM show and adds some of these songs... she really needs to go on tour with this album... damn...
  9. MM videos reaction

    Damn original video... forever haunt us....
  10. Can't wait! Like someone said before we haven't had anything real club like since TTWE so excited for Clumsy! Also excited that these songs are long as well!
  11. New leaked "tracklist"

    This track list is officially on wikipedia
  12. Wow congrats Private Show actually love that song!
  13. New leaked "tracklist"

    I hope it's this one!
  14. **Neopleon Dynamites Voice*** Lucky