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  1. Take The Bait (30 seconds Preview)

    It needs to leak nowww
  2. Take The Bait (30 seconds Preview)

    http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4E4f8nJDV7w It needs to leak nowwwwwwwwww
  3. This outfit slayed my juicy slit!

    She looks perfect. Totally love it
  4. main page VH1 - Everytime Made The Most Devastating Video's List

    Everytime is flawless
  5. List of Stems people have and don't share

    This stuff needs to leakkk
  6. List of Stems people have and don't share

    @@tylertremallose I wanna them all
  8. Official Leak Thread: Burn Snippet

    So its leakin in full like an universe exclusive or not?
  9. James & I (Britney Unnreleased song info)

    @@Veis I think its produced by J.R Rotem (Jonathan Rotem)
  10. James & I (Britney Unnreleased song info)

    I see you fishin and ur wishin that I take the bait.
  11. James & I (Britney Unnreleased song info)

    @@Matilda honestly I don't know if it's about her and her father. I wanna take the bait at least even if its a terrible song
  12. I emailed the RnBXusives guy and he told me about a Britney song they've been trying to get for months. It's called "James and I" described as a Early Mornin and Sippin On vibe. So it means the song is floating around, how long til we get it? Also he told me they have Take The Bait but it was a terrible song. I implore he to send it to me and he refused.
  13. Britney's YAY!!

  14. Britney Tattoos

    I have a triangle in my hand. But it has a deep meaning for me.