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Gabe Amaral

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  1. Somebody please...

    OMG! Your siggy and your av SLAY!
  2. Somebody please...

    I don't know why do I even try...
  3. I read "I was watching PORN" saouhsaouihjoiashj
  4. Somebody please...

    Forget it guys, somebody delet this thread.
  6. What if she's afraid?

    she's afraid all the time, that's the truth
  7. The Not Performed Singles

    Someday ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
  8. Official flop questions thread

    Well, mona lisa was released on the radio first, and then the lebel put the censored version on Chaotic EP. And Then We Kiss was released on B In The Mix but the original version leaked a few years ago!

    it will leak only when britney die. sad but true
  10. main page If U Seek Amy (Alternate Vocals)

    it's not a leak, it's been surfing the web for years... but sounds great
  11. so many leaks lately. does this mean..?

    yes, same here!
  12. so many leaks lately. does this mean..?

    me neither... i can't even think. i would die!
  13. Ew Britney SMH

  14. so many leaks lately. does this mean..?

    yes you're right, but it's not like that "well... i'm going to end my career now, i don't have to say anything to my fans, i just need to desaper". she's like that because she's at home, enjoying the kids, nothing unusual. and because of vegas (we believe so tho) she can't be at magazines, TV shows, or something great... and we know that with RCA all the albuns have only two singles... you're right with your appointments but say that she's ended her career sounds too much to me! and, again, sorry for bad english.
  15. so many leaks lately. does this mean..?

    thats the most non-sense thing I've heard this year... of course not swetie. I remember like it was yesterday 2011 bxmas... miss that day!