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Deadly Nightshade

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  1. Happy Birthday Deadly Nightshade!

  2. main page Happy anniversary, Britney Galaxy!

    Happy Anniversary, you guys run a great site! Love the first layout too btw
  3. Britney's best cover?

    My Prerogative and YOK

    The Circus Starring: Britney Spears
  5. look at this bitches!!! :D

    I really like it
  6. Extremely interesting post about Britney Jean...

    I really wish she would have got 'Crazy Stupid Love'. I'm a big Cheryl fan, but this was the first time I didn't like her lead single, but now I realize it's a grower and I love it now. BJ was most likely her 'most personal' but since most of the personal songs didn't make it, we might not ever hear them
  7. main page New tweet: Britney shares pic w/ David on twitter

    She's so cute :turkey:
  8. main page New V Magazine outtake

  9. main page LEAKED: alien lead vocal stems

    The glitch
  10. Why has Femme Fatale sold so little?

    Little promo, but oh well I love the album. Every song on it is amazing
  11. I wish she would stop smoking, it doesn't help anything
  12. main page Perfume Lead Vocals Stems Leaked!!

    Love this
  13. main page Britney Galaxy Promo Video PREMIERE

    I like it
  14. Justin did that for her :(

  15. i hate the Instagram video... she looks terrible lol

    I thought you were a troll lol