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  1. RT @971AMPRadio: [email protected]' biggest fans haven't forgotten about her EPIC 🎄 holiday jam 🎄, #MyOnlyWishThisYear! https://t.co/DCV7VWqe…

  2. RT @SelenaFanClub: ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/eZDnk0qtUX

  3. RT @PopCrush: That beautiful Billboard speech was hardly an anomaly — look back at @SelenaGomez's most inspiring moments: https://t.co/Gh47…

  4. Selena toda estilosa em Londres

  5. RT @billboard: Our "Woman of the Year" @SelenaGomez talks her surgery & saying "no" to industry pressures: "My body is my own." #WomenInMus…

  6. @britneyxtion rainha, dando um tapa na cara da sociedade

  7. #3YearsOfForYou https://t.co/A2ILgT8WQd

  8. RT @JeanSpearss2: @britneyicone Britney devia ser premiada todo dia simplesmente pelo fato de existir

  9. eu estou tão sensível ultimamente

  10. a mudança começa de dentro pra fora

  11. @BritneydeBitch mente poluida

  12. Toxic by Britney Spears https://t.co/qvJKbJdNIB #NowPlaying

  13. @duayounger morreu junto com a sua reputação

  14. RT @britneyicone: Feliz dia dos finados https://t.co/dYQP31UCV4