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  1. I really really really hope you're right
  2. Why I love Britney Spears

    Loved reading this - bravo!
  3. Happy Birthday Puzla986!

  4. Born To Make You Happy Is So Underrated

    I agree, this song REALLY is underrated, its a shame! I love it too!
  5. At last!! I couldn't be happier for her!! :D
  6. I Think I Know Why Britney Comes Out Stiff And Awkward.

    Very well said, I agree!
  7. Not sure it is the best way for her to be but of course she has the right to make her own choices, regardless of what others say.
  8. I have high hopes for this one, hopefully we won't be disappointed again!
  9. Exactly what I wanted to say! Nothing to add more.
  10. Updated! My First Time Seeing Her Live!

    Have fun, I am sure it is going to be unforgettable!