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  1. Is Anybody Else Embarrassed?

    I'm really embarrassed to be honest. I love my girl Brit but she's in a different place in her career and life. She's not the same Britney anymore and that performance freak Beyonce was in the audience probably thinking "what happened?"
  2. I'm gonna be completely honest. I'm not a fan of his work and if he is in charge of the first single I doubt it will be a hit. His music does not sound like an instant hit. I'm sorry but I just hope he gets a filler slot on the album and not a single release.
  3. Did This Affect Britney's Career Even More ?

    I really don't give a fuck what the GP thinks because I think Britney is awesome. There has been no female in history with the presence that Britney Spears had. Sorry but it's a fact. The way she was able to dance, work the camera, and had this aura of sexuality and appeal around her was just out of this world. Watch her older video's, look at how every single facial expression and movement her body makes matches every single lyric and beat perfectly. She was able to tell a story with a look in her eye or a movement of her body... Even in photoshoots, she was able to bring the pictures to life with her poses and expressions. She just "got it," no one in history has ever "gotten it" like Britney in terms of entertainment. She is so underrated and so disrespected and it's really sad and pathetic to be honest. Even now she might not be the same but she will always be an inspiration to me. So to answer your question I really don't care what people think about Britney because I know the truth.
  4. I knew Pretty Girls would flop the first time I heard it. It's just such a stale pop song. We need something like Out Of The Woods by Taylor Swift. I love that song and I think it sounds so fresh and different. Taylor messed up big time by not releasing it as single and wasting it as a promo song.
  5. New Demo From William Orbit For Britney Leaked!

    It's OK, I can see why it wasn't picked.
  6. It's OK but kind of disappointing when you look at the Circus tour, Celine Dion's stage and some other stuff. They definitely could have stepped it up x10.
  7. How do you go on after you shave your head in public, have an embarrassing performance infront of the world, people taking photo's of your "intimate area's," misconceptions about you being a bad mother, etc and still be able to face the world? And still be able to make a comeback? Who does that? I would literally hide in my room forever. She came back from the most embarrassing things and hit #1 on the charts.
  8. Britney Should Do A Ballad Like This For B9

    Someday (I Will Understand) & Everytime >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  9. It's a crucial release for Britney. If the first single doesn't do well she could become Mariah Carey or J.Lo 2.0. Flop era after flop era. It's very easy to start flopping after your first big flop like she had with Britney Jean. She needs to take notes from Rihanna who released Rated R and it didn't do as well as she's used to her work doing, but then came back with the Loud album and went back to a top spot in the industry. Britney needs her We Found Love 2.0. Whatever the first single off her next album is, it HAS TO BE catchy, it has to be a SMASH and it has to be far away from anything she's done before. She is so long over-due for a reinvention it's not even funny. She has become very stagnant, she needs to work with people who will push her to do her best and push her in a new direction.
  10. I'm scared she's gonna flop without Dr. Luke and Max Martin
  11. I got Xtina. Fuck I knew I would get her. I'm feisty.
  12. I don't like these songs except Inside Out. The Tinashe song is fierce, I believe it was her 1st single, but it would never work with Britney. I really hope we get an 80's pop vibe for the next album. Intense 80's pop beats. I'm not here for Urbaney, I don't think she can pull it off anymore.
  13. The fierceness The legendary opening and opening outfit The sassyness of If U Seek Amy The cage The props The tricks You Oughta Know The body The outfits The stage