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    Batman & Britney.

  1. Happy Birthday Prince_Calvin!

  2. Overprotected Vs. I'm Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman

    INAG,NYAW. It's way more iconic, tbh. Plus that whole breakdown part - "I'm not a girl don't tell me what to beliiiieeeeeve…"
  3. Epix Still Plays The Femme Fatale Tour

    It's also on Netflix.
  4. Which Album Do You Think Britney Loves The Most?

    In the Zone It was when she finally got to break out of bubblegum pop, it has Toxic (which is her go-to favourite answer), she got to legit duet/collab with Madonna, EVERYTIME...
  5. Britney's Microphone Malfunction (Sings Live?)

    I'm sorry…but she just looks so bored up until the mic the breaks off. That kicked her back into the moment. Also, to complain a little more, I am so missing the big ol' weave. I'm having major hair flip withdrawal. #TEAMEXTENSIONS
  6. Album Survivor: Femme Fatale (Deluxe) [Round 3]

    OFF: (Drop Dead) Beautiful, Big Fat Bass, Scary Got no time for collabs or that mess that y'all seem to love. It's basically "The Monster Mash" to EDM... SAVE: Up N' Down, Don't Keep Me Waiting Because obviously the singles don't need saving. I mean, we already know HIAM is gonna win.
  7. Has anyone let him know it's super important to us because we believe You Oughta Know was live? Also, Get Naked Australian revamp pleaseeee!
  8. I Totally Got Hated On

    Girl. That was something.
  9. Simon Ellis Tweet!

    I don't tweet. Can someone request Get Naked (Circus Tour) revamp from Australian/European leg?!
  10. What's Ur Fav Britney Instrumental?

    Womanizer is the only instrumental I have/listen to. But I Get Naked is good. Slave 4 U & Work Bitch are equally iconic. However, Kill the Lights instrumental is actually totally rad! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4xx0YwZyOE Most of her instrumentals in general would make the coolest video game music. Like, imagine playing Sonic the Hedgehog to these.
  11. [Quiz] Guess The Britney Spears Song By The Obscure Lyric!

  12. Has Anyone Seen Boyhood?

    Hahahaha aww that's horrible! It's incredible - you really must see it.
  13. Has Anyone Seen Boyhood?

    When I saw it, there was a commercial for the soundtrack right beforehand. And as a joke I was like, "Where's Britney?" And then lo-and-behold, the movie basically starts with "Oops!"
  14. Yes mama! Who doesn't want to see that the biggest popstar in the world is as relatable & down to earth as your own sister - not someone who promotes a staged lifestyle that equates being rich & exclusive with being cool.