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  1. Happy Birthday BritneyxJean!

  2. did anyone else notice this epic thing britney did??

    She does not run her vevo account boo
  3. Things You Didn't know Baby One More Time

    I thought You Got It All was from Oops?
  4. Oh god not Epic. :eek: Do y'all remember what happened to Avril Lavigne?
  5. Britney Worst Concert Tour?

  6. I save Curious! Or if it's saved I choose ...Baby
  7. Britney's Best Instrumentals

  8. OMG lmao! Someone Please Add neyde to...

    I can already imagine it omg
  9. Britney Songs You Strongly Dislike.

    I love ALL of her songs really , but I just have throw out When Your Eyes Say It. I couldn't stand the song that I've only heard the intro of it :eek:
  10. Favorite second single

    Sometimes, Piece of Me and Circus
  11. POM Tour Book (Available To Be Purchased Online?)

    Maybe it's coming out in the August flash sale.
  12. main page New LQ Photoshoot From 2013

    I love this photoshoot! They should've used one of the photos from this photoshoot for the BJ album cover TBH, because it's just so simple yet stunning, and would've been a better cover for a (in Britney's words) personal album.