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  1. I love how noone gave a shit about her irrelevant ass for years before she died, but when it happened she became the new Kurt Cobain The bandwagon wasn't really cute
  2. Choose The best Opening Number

    I would have say WB, but after seeing it live it's not that good so my vote goes for HIAM HIAM was the highlight of the FFT
  3. Are you reffering to Mexico as a weird country? Because yet it was the biggest FFT show with around 80k people attending the free show
  4. OMG! SECRET NEW FACTS about ''Britney Jean''

    Sad to see what BJ has become... We were so hyped up about it Thank god the masterpiece WB is here tho
  5. main page LEAKED: alien lead vocal stems

    The glitch though
  6. Worst songs/ album tittles.

    Like i give a fuck about Mamoth age/erasAll i know is that she was +25 and not 12
  7. Worst songs/ album tittles.

    I'm like girl, how old are you? These would be cool titles if she was 15 not 30 :mess:
  8. Worst songs/ album tittles.

    - Memoirs of Mimoo - Me I Am Moo The Laxative Shitteuse - Emancipation Of Moo - Butterfly - Rainbow - Mini World (by a french artist)
  9. this flawless performance omg

    It's the fluidity Her moves used to be so smooth and natural
  10. Ban Everyone Who Hate HIAM

    I'm not used to universe yet and i dont think i will I maybe love Britney to death and be considered as a britard on exhale but here i'll be labelled as a troll in 2min lbr Cheesy and love and fun is kewl but laugh is even better
  11. Britney telling them to stfu to get at her hotel faster lbr It's not like we dont know you Britney
  12. This EPIC 1999Ney picture .....

    Boobsney slayed lives that day