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  1. she looks fucking amazing! and call me crazy but she lifts my spirits when i see pics of her smiling like that. so sexy, so happy! i cant wait for the next leg of the vegas shows!
  2. that was too good, beyond words. its nice to be reminded why we stan so hard, shes amazing. wish she had to confidence to continue to show us to this day
  3. britney fans 25+

    26 on thursday.. something tells me a lot of her fan base is 25+ because we all grew up with BOMT britney
  4. should Jamie Lynn attack David in an elevator?

    a video like that would make my life
  5. Album #9

    i dont know if Mother Britney will be wanting to make anybody tik tik boom in another 4 years.. shes a mom now
  6. Y'all.... He's bitter,

    its not