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  1. Rumor: Justin Bieber's New Single "Here For It" Will Feature Britney?!!

    If true than I am so HERE FOR IT!
  2. TL 3.0

    I have fartable nudes!
  3. Glory tracklist?

    I think the tracklist is: Invitation Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy) Private Show Man On The Moon Just Love Me Clumsy Do You Wanna Come Over? Slumber Party Just Like Me Love Me Down Hard To Forget Ya What You Need Better Change Your Mind Liar If I'm Dancing Coupure Électrique
  4. (REQ) Make Me remixes cover.

    Can someone make one with the official Make Me cover and just put REMIXES under britney spears make me (feat g-eazy)?
  5. Man on the moon leaking?

    for real?
  6. According to Sources, There's a G-Eazyney Sex Scene

    Yes!!! G-Eazy is so hot and so is britney so this will be good if real
  7. Would You Like To See Britney Extend Vegas For 2 More Years?

    Um no. Vegas has been a stupid idea since the beginning. Not everyone can afford a trip there (hotel, plane, driving, etc.) It's stupid. She should just go on tour instead. I've never seen her before and can't because I'm not spending all this money just for one concert.
  8. YAY some of these have been leaked for a while now though
  9. New Outtake From Candies! Uhq (Only Her Face)

    I want the whole shoot to leak so bad
  10. That's stupid they're out there so there's no point in hoarding them lol
  11. Nobody has that. You people need to realize just because some things leak doesn't mean the leakers have everything you wish for lol
  12. The other 2 should be posted in UHQ not ugly HQ
  13. I want the rest of the available outtakes to leak unttaged and original camera quality