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  1. New Pom Studio Versions

    new mixes fyi i made these from scratch https://soundcloud.com/djkproductions/britney-spears-slave-4-u-live-remastered https://soundcloud.com/djkproductions/britney-spears-work-bitch-revamped-djk
  2. A Few New Remixes And New Bomt Studio With Breakdown

    Actually check my account I made them first so before u throw shade get ur facts right
  3. Anaconda mannequin mashup https://soundcloud.com/djkbritneymixes/britney-ft-nicki-minaj-anaconda-like-a-mannequin-mashup And outrageous remix https://soundcloud.com/djkbritneymixes/britney-spears-shes-a-outrageous-bitch Baby one more time oops new breakdown demo https://soundcloud.com/djkproductions/britney-baby-one-more-time-oops-demo-studio-version
  4. 3 New Studio Versions By Me

  5. 3 New Studio Versions By Me

    Check them out guys https://soundcloud.com/djkproductions/britney-piece-of-me-studio-versions-work-bitch-womanizer-and-3
  6. Blackout Medley Dvd Version By Me

    I remastered it
  7. Blackout Medley Dvd Version By Me

    Check it out guys
  8. Break The Ice Revamped

  9. Break The Ice Revamped

    Check it out. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8BwBxJ63kySVHV0Z1NNaEQ2S00/edit?usp=docslist_api
  10. Piece Of Me Studio Versions Hq

    By me check out bti https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8BwBxJ63kySYV9Zcm9xeDNiUms/edit?usp=docslist_api
  11. Piece Of Me Studio Versions Revamped By Me

    Hq download coming
  12. http://soundcloud.com/djkproductions/britney-spears-piece-of-me-revamped-studio-versions-by-DJKPRODUCTIONS check them out
  13. When Will Womanizerney @ Pom

  14. A Piece Of Piece Of Me (Womanizer)

    I made this
  15. Womanizer Dvd Ultimate Edition