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  1. I bought this in May and it turned out I already owned this bra and ever since then it's just sat on my desk in the plastic envelope. I didn't even try it on. It's a size 34C and I'm selling it on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/262016352889?
  2. main page Britney Spears Fantasy Intimate Edition Coming In June!

    This is pretty and exciting and all but when are they gonna start selling the swimwear on websites other than Change Lingerie?
  3. main page Britney Galaxy Intimate Shirt Giveaway!

    it's really hard and requires a lot of hard work and patience but thanks for your support
  4. main page Britney Galaxy Intimate Shirt Giveaway!

    ice skating is important, i compete
  5. Why Was Blackout So Loved By The Fan Base And Not Britney Jean?

    what if britney herself is changing tho and BJ was more of a reflection of her and her life right now we know from the work bitch MV she was uncomfortable with all the sex and whipping people and showing herself off because "she's a mom now" (there was an article about this) and BJ was much more toned down sexually... i mean i could be completely wrong but yeah
  6. the new clematis set and i cant believe she's doing swimwear!! im so pumped!!!
  7. main page Britney Galaxy Intimate Shirt Giveaway!

    Wish I could join but I have my skating lesson at that time but I've bought sooo much from intimate britney spears!! it's a great line, good luck everyone!!
  8. In The Zone - I Want A Vinyl Thread!

    I need blackout on vinyl tbh.
  9. What Is Up With That Contouring?

    it's annoying because all the other celebs can get away with contouring and photoshopping and all that jazz but britney does it and every media outlet is so quick to call her out and put her down plus i agree with the lingerie shoot comment - that was awful. they fucked up her nose and cheekbones bad in that one. but some other pics from it are flawless.
  10. Rare Outfit Of The Week [10]

    i loved this outfit.
  11. main page Women's Health Contest To Meet Britney Spears

    entering. the only way ill get to see POM
  12. What Stuff Is Leaking Soon?

    im still holding out hope for baby cant you see
  13. Let's Be Honest With Ourselves

    I won't be surprised (if they promo it the same way they did BJ) if it does worse than BJ. Oh well. New music is new music I guess.
  14. I'm A Cheating Whore

    i hope everything works out for you in the end. good luck
  15. I'm A Cheating Whore

    i think if you started liking this new guy it is a big indicator you are not happy in your current relationship the same thing happened to me except my boyfriend at the time was preparing to propose, and i am glad i chose to break up with him because if i ended up marrying him i wouldve been fucked