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  1. This thread went from exciting to disappointing so quickly when we figured it was just the cd versions of these songs aside from that one rando remix of MATM.
  2. Will You Buy B9 If Dr Luke Is At All Involved?

    Ok, the thing with Demi happens all the time, contractual obligations are what made Radar a single eventually right? Or like how supposedly lotsa ppl took their songs back when they found out Britney Jean wouldn't be promoted? Also, it's not illegal to be an asshole. Jobs was also reported to be a terrible person. How many of you own iphones or other apple products? Now the rape allegations are another story. No one deserves rape. I don't really see Britney working with Dr. Luke, but duh I'd buy the CD still. If he is proven innocent then why not? If he is guilty then he is fucked and producing won't really be an option for him.. Also, the more we #freekesha then doesnt he have more to use against kesha in his counter suit claiming her libel is ruining his career?
  3. Brenda Is Killing It

    Hell yeah Brenda Joan!
  4. Is asking for both too much? I like how it was from the beginning too. I want that for the first verse and chorus. Then I like this for the second verse. Then end the song with the bridge dance that she does for both routines. I'd LOVE that.
  5. I want both. Gimme 2 different releases.
  6. Yeah, I wanna merge the two but I prefer the second version.