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    enjoy life and make best f-ing memories :)))
  1. probably irrelevant, just wanted to say that I'm from Croatia too thought I was alone appearently I'm...nawt alone nawt alone nawt alone...
  2. Very Simple Themes By MeanPlastic

    the second one is perfect
  3. My Own Britney Album (Fan Made)

    really love it !!! and song selection is flawless
  4. My First Music Video Y'all !

    thank you!!
  5. My First Music Video Y'all !

    thank you so so so soooo much :D
  6. My First Music Video Y'all !

    yeah unfortunatey, but full one will be on youtube in a week,alongside with free download of that song
  7. My First Music Video Y'all !

    Hello y'all Anyway, I've spent last two years working my ass of and finally made my debut album, which is gonna be released on iTunes worldwide very soon. But in meantime, I've recorded music video for my first single Shot Me Down. If you can spare 30 secs of your time and check it,I'd be grateful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddLRg2X7w_0
  8. My First Music Video Y'all !

    Hello y'all flawless peeps To shorten it, I've worked my ass off for last two years and my debut album is finally going to be released in few months...it is called Reinvention ( www.davidluffmusic.com ) Anyway,I would really appreciate if you took 30 seconds of your time to check out teaser for my upcoming debut single and it's music video it sure ain't like Britney's but... Anyway thank you so much
  9. What Phone Model Do You Have?

    well mine is boring ios7 space since the day one lol
  10. Post Your Phone Lockscreens...

    well, I'm just like you, my lockscreen is boring ios7 space since the day one lol
  11. Who is your bestie on here ?

    I have no one nawt alone, nawt alone, nawt aloooooneeeee
  12. Post Your Phone Lockscreens...

    idk why but that made me lol
  13. What Phone Model Do You Have?

    me too! flawless taste