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  1. Ikr, I still cant stand that phony. I miss heath tbh.
  2. Floptina Tries To Shade Britney

    Who's responsible for this?
  3. Tyra Bank's Promoting Work Bitch!

    Pornhub is flawless.
  4. main page Happy Birthday Britney!

    Lol That's genius.
  5. main page Happy Birthday Britney!

    Iconic pop legend, Happy Birthday...
  6. Rupaul Tweets Fave Britney Song..

    That song is so underrated, it's a crime...
  7. Pressed There's No Legend Mary Collab Yet

    Love em both, just not together. Their tones wouldn't mesh well especially with Mary's takeover spirit.
  8. main page November 19Th-Britney Out Getting Starbucks

    She never followed rules to begin with.
  9. I Can't Be The Only One

    Yeah but 07 was a shitty yr for me as well. Btw her body look hot in that pic.