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  1. Which Of Britney's Certified Videos Is Your Favorite?

    It's so hard to choose between Toxic, Work Bitch and Womanizer. I'm going with Womanizer
  2. Top 3 Videos Where Britney Looks Most Beautiful

    Everytime Circus Overprotected Darkchild Remix
  3. Top 10 Post-Blackout Songs?

    In no particular order: Unusual You Circus Work Bitch Alien Amnesia Phonography Kill The Lights Hold On Tight If U Seek Amy Hold It Against Me :bigsmile:
  4. K-pop Appreciation Thread

    Yes, Hyoyeon is so amazing I like f (x) as well, Electric Shock and Rumpumpumpum are two of my favorite songs at the moment
  5. K-pop Appreciation Thread

    My favorites are SNSD (they're my queens), 4minute, Exo, Sistar and Girl's Day I love almost every group though How about you?
  6. Favorite Christina Aguilera song?

    Hurt Dirrty Not Myself Tonight Fighter Your Body
  7. K-pop Appreciation Thread

    Yaaas! More k-pop fans! I almost never listen to any a-pop (except for Brit). K-pop is amazing, and there are so many talented groups and artists. Flawless thread :britney-agreedlol:

    Yaas! I love Phonography so much It's flawless
  9. would you have loved this to be real??

    I love that song
  10. what i made for my room :)

    I love it!
  11. this flawless performance omg

    So perfect! No one will ever beat Britney in her prime, everything was flawless
  12. Ooh La La Is So Amazing And Underrated Tbh

    YAAS! I love Ooh La La. It's so cute