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  1. I've never really twigged onto this before. Interesting now that you mention it. Leaked songs aren't really 'official' releases but they're still new to us.
  2. Does anyone else get irritated...

    Yes I have met people like this. They still seem to think she's 'crazy' because of the events of 2007. They also seem to think its not 'cool' to like her any more. I try to ignore them really, they're just pathetic.
  3. Just Luv Me video screens leak

    The pics are a bit fuzzy (or maybe I need an eye test) but it doesn't look like her in them.
  4. Britney Spears Songs That Make You Emotional

    Everytime Lucky Just Luv Me Brightest Morning Star Someday Strangest Love
  5. #BritneyArmy Are You Just As Excited As I Am?! #BritneyLiveInConcert

    I'm really excited for it. I hope she comes to Ireland but I'll settle for the UK. It's my one chance to see her as I don't have the time and money to go to Vegas and Trump is president.
  6. Britney Spears adds more Las Vegas dates

    Same here. I'm in Ireland and can't afford to go to the US to see her (probably wouldn't get much change out of €10,000), plus I don't want to travel there while Trump is president.
  7. You're right, it does. The 'Celebration' sample was the first thing I noticed about that song. Celebration is one of those wedding disco staples along with Dancing Queen, Come On Eileen, Sweet Child O'Mine and other cheesy classics. A lot of Irish weddings have those songs on the playlist. I guess this song would fit in perfectly with those lol
  8. Maddie survived the accident

    That's great news. Hopefully she will make a full recovery and be able to return to her school and everything.
  9. What edition of Flawless Fatale do you have?

    iTunes Deluxe version
  10. Fave Britney perfume

    I think so, I've seen it in a couple of shops. I have 4 unopened bottles upstairs ready to use.
  11. Fave Britney perfume

    I love all the ones I've tried so far but my favourite has to be Circus Fantasy. It was the first one I bought and it reminds me of my favourite lecturer at college.
  12. "Britney: 15th Deluxe Anniversary Edition"

    I love this album and it would be cool if they did that. I hope they'd put all unreleased tracks and not just the ones that have leaked! Also studio versions of Weakness, Mystic Man and Your Love Was Always There (were they the songs she performed at DWAD)? if they exist.
  13. I like both these songs but I think Love Me Down or Do You Wanna Come Over should be the next single
  14. How Do You Organise Unreleased?

    Some of mine are just in 'unreleased' albums and I add to them whenever a new song leaks, but I have some fanmade albums (Abroad, Controversy and Untold Stories) too.
  15. My Grandma's Opinion on a couple songs

    Nice to hear of a granny who likes Britney! Most Irish grannies are into Daniel O'Donnell and other oldies Irish favourites.